Hi. I'm Marcus Eaton.

I do computer things involving servers and Windows or Linux.

Or both. Both is good too.

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Here's all the stuff I have done.

This is a brief summary of my abilities, certifications, and other skills that set me apart from the rest.


As of 2016, I am CompTIA A+ certified, and a Microsoft Certified Professional. I am also Network+ certified as of 2018, and have multiple other certificates.


I've worked as a help desk and support technician, IT contractor, datacenter technician, and system administrator. With a diverse portfolio of skills, my versitility is unmatched.


At Bellevue College, I've graduated with distinction for both of my degrees; Bachelor's of Science in Information Systems, with a focus on System Administration, and my Associate of Arts degree in Network Services and Computing Systems.

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I'm always looking for new opportunities and problems to be solved.